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Mandrayq - 2010 IDA World Champion

"I've thoroughly tested this fader and have also mounted it on several mixers. Easy open fader with custom cut settings, what more do you want? It's solid, reliable, and with it's custom cut settings is the perfect solution for every turntablist"


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DJ Majestik aka Kris Beke (2004 Hungary DMC Champion)

The proper crossfader for your proper scratches. And there is more..


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Unkut, Germany

To me the best Crossfaders out there, sharp as f***! Love my Pro X


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M-Rode, France

I had the Pro X Fade to test it when it was just released. I used it both on my Vestax PMC 07 Pro and my Numark Pro SM1, and I have to say that I was really pleased. The possibility to set the curve , attack and sensibility made my mixers an ultimate weapon. I only needed 3 tries to set it to my tastes, that was really quick. Nowadays I use the Numark Pro SMX mixer that has the Pro X Fade built in, and I didn't even have to open the mixer to do the settings! For me , Pro X Fade is THE one, and you can roughly adapt it on every mixer. I couldn't recommend it enough!


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J-One/Fong Fong, France

PXF is the best crossfader i ever tested; I put it in my Vestax PMC 05 and it become fantastic! I'm so precise now and i can change the regulation of the cut as i want. In the package there s a lot of thing useful , screwdriver , oil etc... definitely a good product!


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DJ Rasp, UK (2009 UK DMC & IDA Champion)

I'm liking the Pro X Fade at the moment, as it breathed a whole new life into my old (but beloved) Vestax 07 mixer. I'm digging the weight and feel of this fader, as it does exactly what my fingers tell to when I'm performing intense & accurate scratch techniques. I'm also very fond of how 'low maintenance' it is as regards to cleaning & lubrication. Much props to Ebsel for this fine invention.


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DJ Score, Portugal

"Since the PXF arrived ive done nothing else but scratch, man im in love with it, it made my cuts sharper and precise instantly, what a big improvement, i cant thank ya enough, your the man!"


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DJ Tatsuki, Japan (Korg, Blue Foundation)

"Thank you very very much for your kind support and great service!! You've turned my mixer into the real monster, It feels and works perfect!! couldn't stop practicing till late last night.... my wife was well happy with your fader too. (you see, she loves to cut too.) Anyways, Thanks again for your great support and I hope you enjoyed some of my crazy music...."


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Rob Swift , USA (formerly of the X-Ecutioners)

When I first started DJing, we had to do all kinds of crazy things to get our faders to feel right. It's amazing that a fader is coming out that's so customizable, giving DJs more options and letting them make it feel the way they're most comfortable with.


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Infamous, USA (Allies): 2000 ITF Beat Juggling World Champion, DMC and ITF Team Champion

This fader is incredible! Totally smooth, adjustable tension. It's all you could want from

a fader.


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J-Smoke, USA (Allies): 1999 DMC World Team Champion

Damn this fader is sick. Can I get one to put in all my mixers?


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A-Trak, Canada (Allies): 5x World Champion & DJ for Kanye West

It's great that DJs, like any other musicians, now have alternatives. A feature like adjustable tension is a great step towards providing the type of alternatives we need.


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DJ Big Wiz, USA (Def Jux/Steel Workerz)

This idea is real cool. A universal fader that you can adjust the tension on? It's perfect for anybody unhappy with what's in their mixer, and the right direction for DJing. Letting us make our instruments be the way we want them to.


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2Tall/Omunit, UK - former DMC UK champion

The ideal fader for someone looking for quality, having been one of the design team i can say this is ideal for the real scratch dj.


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DJ Blakey, UK - former DMC UK champion

Some fantastic adjustable features, this fader is the one!


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DJ Kodh, France (Audiomicid Crew) - 2000 DMC Supremacy world champ / 2002 ITF world champ - France

Having had time to test this, i can say it's really, really dope! It's good to see a lot of thought went into it and these guys thought of all the major issues that affect DJs and tablists. The cut in adjust is an excellent feature and makes this a killer product. Props!


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